How to react when you get a notification claiming you violated some rule, when you have absolutely no idea what they're even referring to?

Obviously I won't reply to the message sent by the GAG system. But how do I find out what they even mean with their message? Should I contact GAG directly? Because their warning made zero sense to me. When something gets removed as nonsense or antagonistic and I disagree with it, okay, then I just have to accept it. But in this case it really makes zero sense. I'm a bit perplexed. How should I react? I mean, I could ignore it, yes, but I wan't to understand it so I can avoid it in the future.

The notification said that when I have a problem with another user, I should block him report him etc., but not post about him. But I haven't posted anything about anyone. I don't get it.


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  • I may be wrong, does anyone know...

    If someone posts an opinion (or question) that say complains about a user, and you comment (or add an opinion) UNDER that original post, and then the original post gets removed...

    Do you get a message that your comment (or opinion) was removed?
    If so, do you see the reason the original opinion (or question) was removed?

    I think the answers to those may be yes. In which case that explains what you're seeing.

    But I'm not 100%

    • Those are exactly the questions I want answers to. Haha.

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  • The warning is a bunch of set text, it's not written with you or your particular offence in mind.

    So while you may not have posted about any particular user, it will include the line saying "don't post about particular users by name that you have a problem with."

    A user who posts something like "That lUser unibrow45 is an asshole!" is going to get reported under the same condition and the email he gets will be exactly the same, word for word, as the email you got. But in his case, that line about posting about a user will absolutely apply to him.

    • I totally understand that, but I never did anything like that, so I'm confused why I even got that warning.

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    • You posted about another user by name. This is in violation of the Terms and Conditions. It most usually happens because people are complaining about another user, or dragging a private disagreement out in to a public flame war. As such, all posts which talk about another user are not really allowed. This includes "What ever happened to?" posts and "Isn't user xxxx lovely" and "Who is your favourite user?" type posts.

      There are always exceptions, and sometimes those posts are not reported and Admin doesn't notice them and they stand.

      But from what you've described. you took part in a thread about another user, and GAG Admin sent out blanket warnings to (quite possibly) every user in the thread.

    • I did NOT post about any user by name. That was my whole point. Yes, I did participate in a thread about another user, but neither did that thread mention that users name, nor did my answer. So I must assume that everyone else who posted an answer in that thread, must have received the same notification. That would clear it up.

  • don't overreact you just got a warning. it's telling you how to proceed. if you didn't truly post anything about I them I imagine an admin is just cautioning you against it

    • I'm totally okay with a warning, but this time it really makes zero sense. So you think it might have been just a general heads up, not referring to anything I actually did?

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    • don't worry about it. but you could respond and ask for further info explaining that you are just worried that perhaps you are being punished for something but it doesn't sound like that's the case.

      probably just an automated note that goes out

    • Thanks.

  • Use the contact form at the bottom of the page or send a message to either Sparrow or the GAG user.

  • Don't worry about it, I get one every couple of days.

    • But as a reaction to certain things you posted?

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    • Aren't they always because of your posts?

    • Well, in my case I wouldn't even know what post it's referring to.

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  • Don't let it bother you I had my opinion removed because it was 'antagonistic', despite the fact it was the girls question that was antagonising people. Just ignore it, it's bullshit.

  • It's a dictatorship in here. Nuff said.

  • If you ever have questions about post removals or warnings, please feel free to contact us... we never mind explaining further after looking into the specifics.

    Those warnings are given after we've had to remove posts that were referring to other members in a negative way. We don't mind you guys sharing the GAGer love, but we don't want people publicly speaking ill of or bashing users/former users - we want to keep things as POSITIVE regarding the community as possible. That's all :-)

    But again, please don't hesitate to ask if you're not understanding which posts the warnings were in reference to.

    • Thank you. :) I honestly don't know where I have "bashed" anyone, so I was wondering.