What are the plans for a GirlAskGuys expansion? I see it's quite a few years old.

I can guess by the rankings that there's a few thousand regulars. The format's kind of ancient, but I'm curious as to the plans for development on this website, is there going to be anything new going on? I'd like to see more users and a change of format.


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  • The format just changed a few months ago. This is actually a totally new site in terms of layout and style. The site launched this new version back in February, I believe it was.

    As for any upcoming changes, only the admins know that information, of course. However, I have heard that the site's user-base is growing a lot. More and more people are discovering the site, creating accounts, and being active. So, I can only assume that it will continue to grow as time goes on.


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  • Yes, I am new here but I was wondering the same thing. I agree on every point. More users and a change of format seem inevitable. What's the future of G@G?