How do you become a moderator and/or admin?

Plus, what is an admin and moderator and what do they do?


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  • Administrators run the site, regular users cannot become admins. With the exception of Sparrow24 but that was the only time it happened.

    Users can request to become mods. They will be considered if they log in regularly, give helpful responses, are kind to other users, remain calm and level-headed in arguments or debates, and communicate clearly. If you are interested, you should contact the admins here: and tell them you are interested. They will then look through your history here and make a decision. Also, you can take a look at the FAQ for all the info on mods:)


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  • You need to be in this site for a while and be a recognized member


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  • Be active on this web, get a high % rate of MHO's. Be friendly with people.

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