How do you hide questions from view in unwanted categories that you don't want to view?

I don't want to read any sexual questions. How do I hide them from appearing on my version of the website?


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  • You can Block topics, just as you would a member.
    From the topic list, click Block.
    This will prevent you from seeing those topics' questions in your Live Feed.

    This information can also be found in our FAQ, please check it out :-)

    • Thanks for MH!

    • :) thanks for the info

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  • Apparently you can block them, according to the other guy who answered but didn't explain how. You can also set a 'filter by' to be only topics you follow, this should let your homepage be only the pages you follow every time you log in I think.

    • Just out of curiosity, what kinds of questions do you want to see instead of sex ones?

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    • no. I think it's disgusting.

    • Oh. Honestly, I think you should just use a different website. I think that's kind of a theme here.

  • I had the same problem, actually. I learned that you can block them.


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