A question about the EXPERT on GAG?

Now that GAG has an EXPERT in the form of Caren Fields who's obviously an experienced authority on individual and couple counseling, is featured in shows as well has written books; how many of us are busy bombarding her inbox with problems to get an answer on?

I'm allowing anon users so feel free to mention who's been writing to her inbox on GAG to ask her questions about problems on personal level and relationships :D

  • I write directly to the expert on my personal & relationship problems
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  • I don't write directly, I ask here hoping she'd notice and opine along with others :D
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  • I don't write to her, as I don't believe I have
    any questions to be answered in this topic.

    However, I've been looking through her questions she
    makes, as I like to state my opinion on them.

    In all honesty, I think having an actual expert
    is a really great thing, and I hope she can help
    those seeking her advice ^.~


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  • I can't wait to stumble upon some of her advice and troll the shit out of her.

    But only if it's bad advice, obviously.

    • ha ha ha the initial part of your statement was making sense to the latter half of your name ha ha lol and that got covered up by the former part of your name in the next statement? ;) :D

      Not being judgmental but I doubt she's going to give bad advice. She's a professional and won't think emotionally. WE however, on the other hand may perceive it emotionally and debate it :) :D

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    • matter of perception and personal opinion. The other angle of looking at it is when there are so many of them then why only these chosen few who are called upon and highlighted :)

    • Because they bitch the loudest and people love drama.

  • Am glad to see an expert on this site but also I don't see them much answering questions or sharing opinions which will be better, a daily interaction with the members on this site. I've seen a few questions from them but nothing out of the ordinary. Also members post questions hoping for other members to share opinions base on their own experiences, is the objective of this site. If experts could interact with us on daily basis, will be more helpful. I won't take away credits from other members opinions, their opinions are valuable as any other.

    • I've seen her opine and also ask questions :) I'm following her so I follow her opinions and questions :) give her some time to warm up to GAG, you'll find more of her around :)

      Ah that last statement I'm sure everyone here including the expert will appreciate :)

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    • lol the pleasure's always mine girl - the whole nine yards :D

    • Awesome :)

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