What changes have you noticed on GirlsAskGuys that you like and dislike?

I've noticed that people are more free to express their opinions without removal. Unless I just had a mod stalker in the past lol. I miss the familiarity of the old gag even though I can't quite remember what it looked like. I also liked being able to people people as friends

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  • The opinions section is the most noticeable change. It was good to have the opinions of the two genders side by side and scroll down watching both.

    • Seriously! I think they made a huge mistake changing that. I hope they put it back to side by side again. I'm sick of having to scroll forever to find what I'm looking for, especially from my phone

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  • Well, I really like the change in the messaging system from the old version. I like how it's more modern and easier to use.

    As far as dislikes, the only thing I can really think of is the "follow" feature as well as how it works with private profiles. I just think it's really complicated. I also wish we could get notifications letting us know when a new user has followed us, that would be cool.

    • Do you know if everybody's profile just automatically went to that setting where you can't receive messages from someone you aren't following since the new site? That was annoying just realizing that the other day. I agree that would be way better if we got notifications when we got new followers. Also it would be cool if we could get a notification from an opinion we commented on if we choose to follow it

    • Hmm I don't think so. I know there is a setting that users can choose that says "Allow messages only from users I follow" so if the user clicked that, then yes, only users they are following can message them. As far as I know, that's not something that has been automatically changed for everyone. I do not have that box checked, my profile is not private, and I get messages every day from people I am not following.

      Yes, I would also like notifications for comments on opinions that aren't our own if we choose to follow it. That would be so much more convenient!

  • After being away for a year, I'm quite glad the chat function has been removed, I used to hate it because as soon as I logged in I had to press 'Appear Offline' and if I didn't do it within the first minute or two I'd have a guy messaging me asking me for nudes or something :/ Although if you want a conversation with a friend on here I will admit the messaging function can be a bit bland in comparison :P