Just made this thing but won't let me delete account how long before I can?

I dont like this site people seem to go anonymous just to troll


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  • There is no time restriction.
    If you would like to cancel your account, simply sign into GirlsAskGuys and click ʺSettingsʺ from your account drop down menu (top right).
    Under Cancel your account, select a reason from the drop down menu and add details to tell us why you're cancelling.
    Then click the ʺCancel Accountʺ button.
    Your account will then be cancelled but your questions and opinions will remain visible.

    GirlsAskGuys FAQ


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  • You can delete your account straight away, not sure what you're on about.


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  • Go to your Settings and at the bottom of the page you'll see a link to do so at the end of this sentence ("here" being the link):

    "To cancel your GirlsAskGuys account click here"

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