There should be an education topic.

There should be an education topic for students on this site.


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  • Why? Google can get the answer to your homework questions more reliably than this site.

  • Just put it under "Other". It's that simple.


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  • That could just fall under "other." When this new version of the site launched, they had like 30 different topics covering just about everything. But, it was simply way too much and was very annoying. So that's why they cut back to only 16 topics. It's still a lot but way easier to manage.

    Therefore, I don't think the admins will be adding any more topics. Although, I have heard them mentioning the creation of a "rate me" topic but that's only because so many people complain about seeing those types of questions, if there was a topic for it, people could just block the topic so they wouldn't have to see it.

    • yeah that helps i just joined lol but i get tired of the rate me questions too, but i didn't know about alllll those topics i see why now lol

    • I remember back in the day 6 topics were perfectly just enough

    • @Asker haha yeah. It's just a lot easier when there aren't as many topics.

      @Mesonfielde I agree! I miss the days when there were just a few generic topics and they were all at the topic of the screen and easy to navigate to.