Why can't users be banned for a certain amount of days instead of being perm banned?

I think this is so much better. I just heard a very active user got banned. Should admins think about better alternatives before perm banning someone depending on their offenses?

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I believe although they may create another account to misbehave. Admins should consider those who are let's say L4 and up before banning because t least they site they contribute to the GaG community... even with some minor offenses
at least they still contribute*


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  • People spread a lot of rumors about banning that never actually happens.
    We don't discuss if members are banned or left on their own, that's private information.
    We do temporarily freeze member accounts if we need to, which counts as a temporary ban.
    This is not an account cancellation, but it keeps them from posting and continuing to break rules at that time.
    We give several warnings before being forced to cancel accounts.
    Even then, most users come back.

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  • everybody deserves a second chance, every other website has temp bans


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  • define "contribute".

    gaining xper doesn't have anything to do with being helpful to others. you can post loads of crap without being helpful to anyone at all, and BAM! In 3 months, you're a Guru. Meanwhile, there are people who reached level 9 by being helpful, and they take a year. Silly bullshit is easier to post than solid advice. This is an advice website, not a place to hang out. The main point of this website is to give advice, so GAG should prioritize the users who really do give solid advice.

    • Helpful or not comes to the interpretation of the individual. If they come here often to not be helpful, they wouldn't have reached guru in the 1st place. This tells me trolling isn't what they do always

  • We all know they come back under a different name and continue to troll and cause nonsense.

    • But they should regard users from lets say level 4 and up.

  • Maybe a temp ban for the first offense and perm ban after that no matter their level or popularity. Who cares about losing a user who can't seem to follow the rules. New people are joining everyday and replace them many times over.

  • Depends on why they're getting banned. There should be steps, like on other websites and even games. First Time - Warning
    Second Time - Temp Ban
    Third Time - Ban