How can a member of GAG get banned from this forum?

was wondering how can a member of GAG get banned from this forum? can someone... please explain me this


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  • Usually it happens if they are being overly offensive and controversial.


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  • People spread a lot of rumors about banning that never actually happens.
    We don't discuss if members are banned or left on their own, that's private information.

    When members don't follow our posting guidelines, we remove the post. If they continue even after several removals, we'll send a warning letting them know that continuing can eventually result in the removal of their account.
    If they continue, we'll generally send at least 2 more warnings, the second warning and a final warning.
    We sometimes temporarily freeze member accounts if we need to, to keep them from posting for a short time, this is another way we avoid actually cancelling users.
    If after they're warned several times, with a final warning, they continue not following our guidelines, unfortunately we're forced to remove accounts.

    We strive to keep the site useful, valuable, safe, and enjoyable for all.
    Our posting guidelines are easy to find and easy to understand, therefore we expect everyone to play along. :)
    If anyone ever does have a guideline question, feel free to contact us.

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  • I am guessing you would have to do something really bad consistently and then the Admins would eventually terminate your account. I haven't seen a specific instance of happening though, so you would have to be a real all-time douche I am guessing for them to take such severe action.

  • basically being rude/offensive consistently.

    • Well that's a load of shit, since I've been offensive and consistently pissing off everyone on this site and I haven't even gotten any warning lol.

  • troll a lot. you will find more and more msg's and warning's when you later come back

  • i think at one point gag must've implemented a 3 strikes and you're out policy but then lost a lot of members due to overzealous moderators. they seemed to have relaxed a bit now.

    • good to know.. thanks dude

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  • Members can get banned if they repeatedly break the rules. There are guidelines here that should be followed by all members. If a user violates these guidelines, the admins will send them a warning and if the user continues to not follow the rules, the admins may ban them.

    • great

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    • that's not fair

    • Well I'm not an admin, I don't make the rules.

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