Why is there no religion section?

I was just wondering if it had to do with potential arguments, but I find that this website let's me express my views on many topics and religion would be one that I would extremely enjoy answering and/or asking questions about. If anyone knows, that would be a huge help. Thanks in advance


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  • Well, when this new site version launched back in February, there was a "religion" topic. In fact, there was about 30 topics, all random. However, it was just too many so the admins cut it back to 16 topics so it would be more manageable. Religion would fall under the "other" topic now:)


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  • Cuz use called girls ask guys

    • That is meant to be used for site related things. Although they remove anything that talks about what gets removed, even though it is site related, and I find that hypocritical.

  • cause it's a sex and relationships site, nothing kills a boner more than a endless debate about politics...

    • Religion has nothing to do with politics, smartass.

    • Actually it does. You cannot be elected President unless you believe in God and pander to the Bible thumpers. Early caucus victories in states like Iowa are essential to build campaign momentum. That's how a tool like Rick Santorum ever scratched the surface.

    • LOL

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  • My guess (and that's ALL this is) is that the site doesn't want to encourage questions about religion.

    I've read my fair share of religion questions on here, and unfortunately very, VERY few are actually fruitful. It's a topic that many people (of all religious backgrounds and views, including atheism) just can not discuss respectfully, which is unfortunate because that kind of behavior flies in the face of what (I perceive) religion is all about.

  • We truncated our Topic list to a more manageable number, particularly to commit them to memory.
    Questions about religion are allowed and are put under Other.

  • Religious questions are my favorite on this site haha

    • Agreed. Religious questions always open up a huge conversation with continuous new ideas and cultural ideologies that almost always perplex or bring out a good laugh

  • I never really thought about that. All I know is that those religon topics can get heated on this site, and just about wherever you go. That may be the reason

  • The core of the site is girls ask guys; where I'm going with that is so obvious I don't even want to type it.

    Also, people get enough of arguing about theology without a GaG theology page. The only people who would post under the topic would be the ones who can't win fights in real life or just love to argue. Nobody who would post in that section would actually have an open mind.

    Besides, just because it exists doesn't mean it has to provide a religious forum. I've never stumbled upon a theoretical physics forum in a casual site that isn't filled with idiotic intro. physics students begging for help calculating the collision equations of goddamn pool balls.

    Murphys law, you'll never find the droid (I mean forum topics) you're looking for.

    This isn't even about you, it's about the majority of people who would post there. It would clog my news feed. You seem like a cool guy with good intentions, all you'd get is people with inferior arguments bothering you with weak retorts constantly.

    While it might make it easier to post the occasional religious question, as someone once put it "once you include stealth elements in a game it essentially becomes a stealth game." If we include a religion topic more people are going to post religious questions and I don't want those here too!

    • anon because I'm so tired that I don't even doubt I'm going to say something stupid here.