Does GirlsAskGuys have a problem with profile hackers?

Hi All. Just wondering if the site has such an issue. Some site profiles can be hacked by members with the know how from sending messages back and forth. I wondered, because I know some people have asked questions anonymously and then other members seem to have known they made these questions. Thanks.


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  • We haven't had issues with hackers interfering with profiles before.

    • Cool thank you. I've seen some members seem to request quite a few others message them and wondered if these eager-to-chats were scammers. The same day I spoke to one of them weird stuff happened with members posting stuff I'd posted (anon) before and it made me a bit paranoid lol.

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  • To be honest, hackers don't have much incentive to hack your profile since it doesn't contain enough information to lead to a windfall of money or deep personal information to cause blackmail for money or information to control a computer to use it as a shield for hacking purposes.

    • true, unless there are trolls that don't like people for whatever reason

    • Yeah, I know a dipshit who's damaging an 11 year old game with his whole DDoS capabilities, but the guy's on the verge of taking his own life. I'm talking about hackers with a purpose, they won't come here because there's no cash, there are easier or more pressing things to take on than here.

  • Some people here just know each other that well. :)