How do you write an article (if you can)?

I never see the option for it but I see "hasn't written an article yet" under articles written so I know it's a possibility. Do I have to be a certain level or be some kind of certified therapist or expert or something?


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  • We're not receiving new article submissions at this time.
    Don't worry, we will offer this feature again in the future and will keep everyone updated on when it's available and how to do it!

    GirlsAskGuys FAQ

    • so, how can we find articles already written on the site?

    • That information can also be found in the FAQ link we provided above.

      Go to Questions (top menu).
      Click "By Topic", this takes you to our Topic list page.
      From there, choose a Topic you're interested in, click the Topic name.
      From the Topic page, click Articles (top tab).

    • ok thank you

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  • The article feature is still down. It should be coming back eventually, but we don't know when yet. Hang tight!


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  • "Experts" can which is pretty odd, I guess it's just not open to users yet because it's being revised in some way. It's been half a year though, so eh. I guess later? They've been saying it would come back.

    • The articles written by the "Experts" were pretty cool though. That girl with FIELD in her name, she's pretty cool. And not just because she shares a segment of my username, haha.

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