Girls, what kind of ads do u get on your GAG page?

I get Asian girls dating site like Chnlove. do u get ads of guys? n sometimes I get ads like dirty talking chat sites, online hookers like the local ones.


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  • Dating ads mostly, though I've gotten a few tampon/pad ads too.


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  • I no longer get the ads on here after this site made me install privacy protection addons.
    I am strongly against adblock and i won't be using adblocking software on any site.

    The problem is that when girlsaskguys added these annoying tracking Facebook and Twitter buttons that monitor your activity i decited to block those out using disconnect, me. The result was shocking!
    Even when everything is blocked GaG still tries to load 22 components that track your data. Once you unblock them these load even more and the total tracking component counter went over 99.

    As a result of these advertisement and social networks not respecting my privacy on a very privacy sensitive site all ads get removed and will never be shown or loaded unless they come from a source that has no tracking on it.

    When i did use to get them you could tell GirlsAskGuys is using terrible advertisement networks. The ads where often referring to hookups and adult dating.

    • How do u block it without using adblock?

    • I don't block it on purpuse i block it by accident.
      The addon that i am using is called disconnect. me and it blocks anything privacy related from loading. Since the ads on here try to track my behavior they get blocked.

  • I believe Xper lvl 8 and up doesn't see adds anymore.
    But I used to get "buy this, buy that" stuff :3

    • What Aizou said but it's level 7 + for no ads.

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    • Congratulations Neurath,
      you have reached
      Xper Level 7!
      You can now enjoy GirlsAskGuys. com without the ads!

      Your input is helping our entire GirlsAskGuys community, so thank you for being part of the solution.

      Anyway, sorry for gatecrashing your comment ;)

    • Well then, that means either the FaQ is stating
      the wrong number. Or it was actually changed
      to 8 but the email system didn't update, and you've just
      been lucky? :3

      Either way, only officials will know the truth.. ^.^

  • There are ads on here? News to me...

  • None. I have Adblock plus.

  • I don't get any adds for some reason. And that's good I hate them.

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