What is a feature you would like GAG to have?

Personally, I would like:
- a "hide question" button. So that I only need to see a stupid question just once and it won't appear in my live feed again.
- an option to filter our live feed using keywords. For example, if I save the word "abortion" or "dick size" or "rate me", then all questions containing those words will never appear in my feed.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Delete an answer within a few minutes after posting it just in case the answer was posted under the wrong question (happened to me a few times). Edit in case there was spelling trouble or something like that. Or the person suddenly changed his mind.
    Just give a few minutes for that to be a possibility.

    • yeah I know another question-answer website who gives people 120 seconds to edit their post after posting.

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What Guys Said 2

  • A intercontinuums-bitchlap-button. So I could bitchslap stupid people for stupid questions through the computer.

    And yeah, an edit button would be nice.

  • I want a muffin button. Only kidding.
    Maybe an edit button?


What Girls Said 1

  • @GirlsAakGuys I wish I could still write on fellow GAGers' walls and be able to upload 6 pictures like in the old GAG :)