How to feature a question?

If I want to feature a question I ask them how can I do that?

Can I feature a already asked question?


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  • You just have to send a message to the admins here:

    In the drop down box, select "Redeem xper" then in the text box specify that you want to feature a question and include the URL address of the question you want featured:)

    • Hey I have sent a message there already.
      But didn't get any response. 😕

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    • I won't even remember why I did asked any question?
      It may take days in that case.
      What will happen if 10 other user asked to feature their question prior to me?
      I guess my turn will come after 10 days.
      That's why.

    • Yes that's true but it will still get featured and you will still get more answers to your question.

  • It's one of the ways you can redeem your Xper!
    Just contact the Admins and specify which question you'd like to feature. And yes, it can be a question that you've already asked, you don't have to ask a new one just to feature it.


    - you can go to your profile box in the top right hand corner click messages - beneath the message icon is xper - click on that - scroll down and click redeem - feature a question :)

  • so if you have 750 points then you can only feature one time? can you use it again?

  • It's 750 Xper points.


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  • To feature your question, go to contact, select "Redeem Xper" from the pull down menu, paste the link (URL) of your question to be featured in the form box, and click on "Submit" to send the form.

    You can also send us a Featured Question request from your own profile page.
    Click on "My Xper" from the left menu on your profile page and then click on "Redeem Points" button and follow the instructions (pasting the URL link of the question you want featured).

    You will get a message when your request is received and your question is put in line to be featured (featured in order by request).
    You will get another message when your question is featured and we've taken the 750 Xper points.

    We do not feature questions in any Sexuality topic.

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