What are the things in life which GAG has helped you to really appreciate?

It can be the things in your real life or life in general. Thanks for sharing.


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  • Being in a committed relationship and living a life that's not as troublesome as other's in here

    • Thanks. Being in a committed relationship is indeed beautiful :)

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  • Before I got on GAG, I thought there had to be some minor differences between men and women if for no other reason than unique hormone types and levels. Some papers (University level) were saying that even biologically these differences were, at best, trivial. It almost sounds like something to reinforce someone's world view or political view.

    After awhile on GAG, I have come to realize that the University nuts are right, and not just pushing a political agenda. It seems to me there is remarkably very little different between the sexes except which is perpetuated by culture.

    As you also know, being exposed to differing languages and cultures, that the power of culture permeates everything. Our entire thinking, even our sense of self, how we emotionally respond to certain things, is completely drenched with culture.

    I think being on GAG has kind of brought all these experiences together into an understanding about humanity that we are all very malleable, regardless of gender.

    I'm actually kind of disappointed. I think it would be cool if men were really from Mars and women from Venus (as the reference to the popular book), but sadly we're all just plain and boring from earth.

    I do realize though that a lot of women and men still have their cultural roles attached of course, and culturally defined perceptions and expectations of the other gender. Sometimes resulting in disturbing arguments :)

  • 1. People's perception
    2. Reinforced consciously that what is trifle for me may be the most important thing for someone else
    3. People who are stuck in a 'rut' like they keep asking about only one topic all the while aren't trolling
    4. Reinforced consciously not to ever judge anyone
    5. Made me more sensitive to situations than I already was
    6. There's more... :-)

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    • There are 2 now :-D and don't those who opined matter? lol

      Come on girl, not everyday that everything's the same - change is good from time to time :-)

      Damn I wanted to message you, had typed a lengthy one and you don't allow private messages? come on...

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  • 1. i value myself a lot
    2. an eye opener to another side of the world though it is not a total representation of the whole world
    3. i learnt about guys mindset somehow
    4. different people views

  • The sanity of those who possess it.