TGI Friday gift card?

Hey GAGers you know those TGI Friday gift cards you can win on here? I was wondering do they expire at a certain time after you get them or can you use them anytime you want?


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  • Well all I know about it is that

    TGI Friday's Gift Card - $10 Value
    2500 Xper points
    Get a $10 Gift Card from TGI Friday's emailed to you for a delicious meal. (In Stock)

    It's up to TGI Friday I believe whether they take the gift card into consideration.
    And according to the first website I found, it says

    "TGI Fridaysâ„  Gift Cards are valid only in the USA.
    Remember... TGI Fridaysâ„  Gift Cards have no dormancy fees and no expiration date!"

    But it's not TGI Fridays' sites, I can't find any other specific info about gift cards, so I guess this could be true.

    • Oh. Well I live in the USA, but if I get it I don't want it expiring on me. That would be a waste.

  • T. G. I Friday is a restaurant chain.
    And not a very good one. (IMO)

    • I've been there before. I know what it is. Read the rest of the stuff.