Do you think the content quality of GAG has sunk since they lower the age restrictions? What do you think of a "GAG Jr."?

I think many of the repetitive and ridiculous questions on here are asked by under 18 users. Whether they are under 16 or not, I have no idea. But I think GAG used to have higher quality content when the age limit was 16.

By "GAG Jr." I mean a GAG for under 16 users. Older users can register too, of course, to give advice. But the older users would know that since young teens are around on that site, they'd know to not give too sexually explicit advice (hopefully!)

What do you think?

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  • I definitely see more types of the questions that you're referring too but the content like how it used to be before is still around the same to me. I just have to filter more to get to them hahaa.

  • We want everyone to be able to get help from one another, regardless of age. Older, more experienced users often have a lot more to offer the younger users than their own peers. GAG is a big party and we're trying to invite as many people as possible because we could all use a little help. :)

    • The problem is, it gets a little dicey... mods and admin don't realize the types of questions they're asking and the types of things other people are posting

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    • still, I think you should shield the under 16s from some very sexually graphic posts. Make a check box at the "ask" page, with "sexually graphic" or something. Posts that have this box checked will not appear in a user's live feed if they are under 16. Or let the mods help you with that.

    • besides, as Katy16 also said, the quality of the content has gone down. What will GAG do about that? This is slowly becoming like Yahoo Answers...

  • I've been suggesting this for years , but I guess a business decision was made to aim mostly at the teen demographic, and it's nearly all USA teens, REALLY IMMATURE,

    • Surentheynare numerous and have hours to spend online.. but what' advice do they ever give?
      Mostly just give three word answrsn, grab their Amazon cards, and leave

  • It would still be easy for kids to lie about age and go to the adult site. If you gave s tween the option of GAG jr. Or they could lie and get on the older site, they would lie.

    • well that's inevitable. But at least, after they register, they'd find out that many users here don't communicate on their level, so hopefully, at least the horny little boys would leave this one and look for girls their age to chat ;P

    • or hopefully they will want to ask opinions from kids their own age =)

  • You do have a point...

  • I think there have always been kids on GaG, only before they just lied about their age.


What Girls Said 3

  • Well that's not a fair question. If I want advice, want to be able to get a broad range of answers from older people with experience, and not just a case of, "the blind leading the blind." Sure, they ask a bunch of am I cute or other stupid questions, but is it that hard to ignore it?
    It's not like there aren't ridiculous "adults" on here.

    • it is, because they are too numerous. Yes, and counting the ridiculous questions from adults too. But like all these guys obsessed with height? They're all from "under 18" users. No idea how old they actually are. It's getting tiring.

  • Even with the existence of a GAGJr... there will still be some who will be lying about their age... disappointing but...

  • I agree that the content has gone down. I don't know about that idea though

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