Why is it when I submit an opinion, it automatically goes to the live feed?

If a share an opinion on a great question, I would like to see what others say too, and possibly comment on them. It is annoying that after every opinion I submit it I can't look through other's.


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  • After you've submitted an opinion, it takes you to a page showing you other questions so that you can help more people.
    To go back to the question you just shared on, click the orange button View Question and it'll take you back to the question page.

    • I don't have that either... THAT'S IT IM GETTING A NEW COMPUTER, AND IM UPDATING FROM EARLY 2000s INTERNET TO WIFI. And... I can't afford it. nevermind. well thanks for trying to help. Ill just deal with it

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  • Seriously, all you have to do is click thr "view question" button. I highly doubt GaG is going to change the layout just for you.

    • I don't have that...

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    • Yeah, your computer is shit. Time to invest in a new one. Good luck.

    • It is not your computer. If you have google chrome/ internet explorer / mozilla firefox, it should all be the same. For every single computer out there.
      You might be overlooking what you have to click. Because the layout doesn't change per computer, and the way you connect your internet to your pc doesn't change the layout on sites. Unless your internet is so slow, that you have a white background with just black text and some links. But I do not think that that is the case.