Just curious how many have had their question or comment deleted?

There's not much else to it have you had a question or comment deleted and why was it deleted?

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LMAO Did you know you can't ask questions about GAG members. I just had one removed was about a former member.


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  • A few questions and a comment removed, the comment was removed for too many =D, and the questions where removed for nonsense, nothing bad or offensive.


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  • Almost daily. And god forbid if you defend yourself after someone writes 3 expletive filled paragraphs. Of complete and total bullshit about you. The response is considered "Antagonistic"

    Here's the best one. A poll question. And one of the choices was "I couldn't care less". I voted for that option. And posted "I couldn't care less". Which intern was deleted because it was deemed "Nonsense" and added nothing to the conversation. Whatever. *rolls eyes*

    *starts countdown for post to be deleted*

    • Yea been there done it.

  • I have, but don't know how many. Maybe 3 or 4 in total.

  • I've had a few comments removed.

  • Yeah some of my questions and comments were deleted.

    • what was the reason?

    • Ohh they deleted my some of the comment stating them nonsense , while they were not by any means and i was furious regarding that and i asked question , is my comment really nonsense and i was bashing moderator and admins through replies and they deleted my question too. Lmao

      Again i asked a question about same in some other way and they deleted it. Lol

      I was feeling like , do you rem that dailogue from movie Taken.
      I don't know who you are , where you are...
      I will find you and kill you.

  • I had someone get a comment of mine removed that should not have been. I took the matter to an administrator who looked at it and agreed that there was nothing wrong and put it back up.


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  • I can't recall ever having anything of mine removed, no. However, on the old site, I accidentally submitted a few comments more than once so I contacted a mod to remove the extras but that was it. I've never had anything else of mine removed for any other reason that I can recall.

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