What's up with the bad grammar in the live feed? Or is it correct and I'm too stupid?

Have you ever noticed in the live feed how it says "XY shared opinion on" and "XY commented on opinion"? Shouldn't it say "XY shared AN opinion on" and "XY commented on AN opinion"?
Or am I missing something? I always thought my English grammar is quite alright for a non-native speaker, but this just confuses me.

Pettiness deluxe, I know! But I'm bored. Feel free to call me out on my stupidity.


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  • It depends on what set of grammar rules you are applying. If you are applying the grammar rules used in MLA formatting, then you are correct because it is "formal grammar". If you are applying APA grammar rules, then again, you are correct-"formal grammar". However, the set of grammar rules used regarding standard text or literature would accept the above examples because it would be considered "informal grammar" .

    • I have never heard or seen it before. It just looks wrong. I have commented on opinion? I have shared opinion on something? Doesn't this sound completely wrong to you?

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    • Thanks for MH! :)

    • It wasn't a hard decision, after the only other answer was by GAG itself, trying to act like it's "cool" to use retarded grammar...

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  • GAG doesn't have to be perfectly formal all the time, does it? :P

    • GAG doesn't have to do anything. If GAG wants to sound like a two year old who can't speak properly yet, then GAG can do that. :P

      GAG has just shared opinion on my question and I have just commented on opinion. Me not thinks Girls Asks Guys is very formal place anyways. ;)

  • Haha, the advantage of being a non-native English speaker is that you don't need to worry about such things :-)
    I always hope people don't mind the little mistakes I make in English. I must say I hadn't recognized it as a mistake, no idea if that's because it is correct or because I'm used to the terminology.

    • I can assure you it's not correct grammar. ;)

    • ... but I must admit I could certainly not do better so I don't worry about it :-)

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