Why do some of my question keep disappearing? Is this site not freedom of speech? I don't think I asked anything out of line?

Why do some of my question keep disappearing? Is this site not freedom of speech? I don't think I asked anything out of line.
Has this happened to you?

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  • Freedom of speech does not fully apply to an internet forum where you agreed upon signup to bind yourself to a certain set of rules and guidelines. Odds are the questions violated the terms of service in some way, be it unwelcome topic (rate me and my penis), poor grammar (Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like), or highly bias or aggressive topics (why do Muslims kill everyone don't they know they're going to hell).

    • Also, sometimes the mods are opinionated dicks. I expect this comment to be pruned.

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    • Not you, I was talking to the one downvote from a girl. I should have specified, sorry

    • It would seem that if you're not a girl asking about guy problems then you aren't going to get much action here. I just may go hunting for new "un-modderated, un-adulterated" forum site

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  • Have you received an email explaining the reason for the deletion? If you can't find one of your questions but have not received an email, it may have been hidden by a moderator but has not been reviewed and approved/denied by admins yet. When a question gets permanently removed by the admins, you will receive an email explaining why it was taken down.

    Basically, reasons for post removals would include:
    -Adult Topic
    -Member Post
    Please review the guidelines of the site to see what is and is not allowed on the site. Under "What are the posting guidelines?" it goes into more depth. www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/posts

    I would also like to point out that "freedom of speech" only applies to the government, not privately owed websites like this one. The owners of the site have every right to implement rules that users are expected to follow.

  • GaG is not the government, they are not responsible for protecting your freedom of speech. Has anyone arrested you for asking stupid questions? Or did they just get deleted?

  • I'm 31, and a lot of people assume that I'm 17ish when they first meet me, because I just look young. I posted a question asking how I'm supposed to meet men my own age when I look like "jail-bait". It was deleted within an hour. That was 2 years ago, only time it's happened to me.

  • They removed my question of when I asked people to give me a simple opinion on an artwork thing. I wasn't begging for attention... just curious... they said it was spam. : they don't let that here but they let half naked boys and girls asking for rates... wtf...

    • Yes I know right? You watch, this will be deleted probably by tomorrow at the latest. Because guess what? I'm not supposed to be asking this question either in the forums! LMAO. losers.

  • What's the point of asking the incest question when you can look into the archive for information in past questions. You're not gonna miss anything new... if your question has been deleted. Or unless you want others to make you feel better about your incest relationships.

  • What did you even post about? Did you read the rules and regulations?


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  • If you ever have questions about post removals, please contact us rather than posting about it, as our community won't have the answers.

    Please read over our posting guidelines in our FAQ to understand what we do and do not allow.


    • I found the answers without you thank you very much! And besides, it's a poll question. So you can excuse yourself. And yes, I read your stupid rules. I am quite disappointed with the moderation here sir or madam. Ever hear of Freedom of Speech? Bunch of wimps any more, makes me sick. Go ahead, delete this one too because I am quite sure I've offended your ego!

    • Some of the censorship is beyond, considering how such horrible and antagonistic questions are asked.

  • Incest is considered "Explicit", and is not allowed on the site.

    I'm guessing that's why your question (s) has been removed.

    • But it's not. See for yourself. Do a search here on incest. There are several on going conversations :/

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    • sorry i just want to say this: there is proof that incest causes birth defects, deformities etc.. There were a few people that went to my high school in the special unit that were incest children and you can defiantly tell that they are just not right physically (look kinda off) and mentally challenged. Yes we are developed from incest but it is different now as we are more developed and have evolved, you could have a child with your 3rd cousin without it being incest because the blood line isn't so close together and the genetics would have some differences.

    • Thanks BlueEyedHipsta.

      Btw, you kinda look like her. That is, if you are the woman in your photo that is on the left side. My niece looks a lot like the girl on the left.

  • haha I was sure your the one posting about his niece! And I wanted to post an opinion but it got already removed!

    • You were sure it was me? What is that supposed to mean dude? Get real. So post your opinion here then.

    • I just wanted to say go for it. I had the hots for my aunt when I was younger but nothing ever happened of course.

    • Thanks man. I appreciate that. Your candidness and curtness is second to only one, me ;)

  • Well maybe you breached the rules.

    But sometimes there are rogue mods. In fact one of my questions got deleted by a rogue mod and then reinstated one time.

  • What ever gave you the idea that this site allowed total freedom of speech?

    Yet another user who doesn't read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS which you AGREE to when you join the site.

    There are rules. If you break them, your question is deleted. Keep doing it, your account is cancelled.

    Stop complaining - you agreed to this.

  • 75% of my questions get deleted and I just accept it. This is a privately run website so freedom of speech does not apply.

    • lol oh you are the incest dude. Yea man there is scientific evidence that it can cause many defects at birth. It is also sick in my opinion unless it is second cousins and further away.

    • Of course I know it doesn't apply. You know? I'm pretty much just looking for some people to back me up here with this bs. And you of anyone after what you just said should be on my side. I mean, other than YouTube (sadly true) where can we express ourselves without moderation? I really don't know?

    • If I owned the site I am sure I would also have restrictions with some topics. I troll and I troll for fun. I know that if they allowed my idiotic posts to stay then eventually I would be out of control and ask even more stupid shit. I hate the new changes, much of the moderation and the same stupid rate me, penis and race questions but we don't make the rules.

  • Too much censorship on this site

    • THANK YOU! I couldn't agree more! If you're not a stupid tween asking why her boyfriend isn't paying attention to her any more then your questions here are pretty much invalid lol