How do you follow a private GAG account?

Or do you have to wait for them to follow you?

No way to notify them that you'd like to follow them (ie: most sites do something which says 'pending approval')


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  • You cannot Follow a user with a private profile.
    They'd need to make their profile public, then you could Follow them, then they could set it private again.

    This information can always be found in out FAQ, please check it out :-)

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • You're unable to follow a user who has their profile set to private.

    If you're already following a user with a private profile, and decide to unfollow them, you won't be able to follow them again unless they make their profile public.

    I'm not sure but I don't believe you can follow someone with a private profile even if they are following you. Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

    • Also, you're still able to message someone when their profile is private... so if you wanted, you could try asking them if they'd allow you to follow them.

    • Unless they've set their messages to only happen from followers... Which is where I'm at.

    • Ahh that's true, I always forget about that feature.
      Well, if you see them elsewhere around the site it can't hurt to ask!

  • if it is private they don't want to be followed DUH

    • And, it's looking like they don't want to know if anyone is interested in following them, nor talk to anyone.

      I wish there were an asshole setting.

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  • I think they have to follow you first.

  • You can't.

  • I believe they have to follow you first. It used to be on here that you could send a private profile a friend request and you could unlock their account like tthat

  • You don't unless you stalk them and comment on their answers until the block errmmm I mean follow you.

    • Sad, you're a moment too late - and you shoulda hammed it up a bit more - ie: added in the FAQ link.

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    • ... and cheese, yeah?
      So very, very cheesy...
      G'nite folks!!!

    • It ain't easy bein cheesy