Has the awe of being vulnerable asking questions on GAG worn off for you?

I came across an anonymously asked question earlier, where the asker left out details because of being vulnerable. She was quite defensive.

It made me think back to my first questions on here. I was in shock at how blunt some people were, at some of the responses given. It indeed made me feel vulnerable. Exposed for judgement. But in time I realized those blunt answers were correct. Those offering sympathy and hope only allowed me to prolong my misery.

In time I lost all vulnerability in all questions asked. So do you still feel vulnerable asking a question on GAG?


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  • I don't really ask super personal questions on here anymore.
    I used to, when I first joined 4 years ago. Since I've been single though, my questions have been much more general and about human experience rather than asking for advice.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • I never feel vulnerable, but I am glad you opened your eyes and realized the blunt ones are generally the ones are often correct.

  • no which is why i never ask anonymously no matter how stupid or weird i sound

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