Who agrees we need to have an option to repost questions that go unanswered? What about a delete option on questions? Get with it GAG!

For those that are frustrated with not receiving the answers they deserve and not being able to delete/repost!

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  • Duplicate posts create clutter within the site and can confuse and annoy our members. For these reasons, we don't allow duplicate posts.

    Here are some tips on how to get more opinions on your questions:

    Make sure to add a title that both interests readers and clearly defines your question, then check your spelling and grammar for any errors.

    Do NOT type your question in all CAPS and do NOT capitalize every word of your posts.

    Be specific about the question you are asking or advice you are seeking and give clear details about your situation so members can better help you but try to avoid making it so long it'll turn them off.

    Also, add details to your profile so that members can know a bit about you to advise you better.

    Share your opinions on other users' questions to increase the visibility of your profile. Having a unique profile picture to draw attention to your post never hurts.

    If you're going to include spoilers, please let the users know BEFORE you reveal the spoiler. We don't want anything ruined for anyone.

    You can also "feature" your question. Featured Questions are kept at the top of recent questions and in the Featured Question box on the homepage for 24 hours.

    GirlsAskGuys FAQ


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  • When people don't receive answers, it' because:

    - It's asked too often
    - It's not concise
    - The question asker gives the impression they're looking for their own opinion in different words
    - There's no answer that will help the situation
    - The asker is asking for a mind-reading

    If the question does not fall into one of those categories, it generally gets answered very quickly.

  • Agreed. This is the downfall of this website


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