What does All Time XPER rank mean? And All Time XPER Guy/Girl rank mean?

I know what XPER points and levels are over all I just don't know what the All Time one means?

What are they based on and is it better if your numbers are higher or lower? What influences your score?


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  • Your XPER points can be redeemed for prizes. That will reduce your points, but not your all time points, if you're interested in counting what you've done since you joined this site and comparing it to everyone else.


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  • Xper ranking is your Xper point count compared to everyone else's Xper point count.
    The higher you are on the Xper ranking (the smaller the number), the more points you have compared to other GAGers.
    Example: Regarding my numbers, only 10 guys/girls have more Xper points. Only 3 girls have more Xper points.

    I hope that makes sense :-)
    Xper information can always be found in our FAQ as well, check it out anytime.

    • Thanks for MH!

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    • @Hollyanne

    • I gettttt itttt nowww! Thanks! :)

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  • How long you can post without being politically incorrect or offending anyone, basically.

  • I actually don't know never heard of it I am interested in what other people will say.

    • Another girl asked the same question she might have more replies.

      I think her name was divamonae or something like that.

    • Oh yeah I know her she is cool

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  • How much you earned overall

    • But how do they get those numbers?

      And I thought the over all one was your XPER Points not the All Time ones but anyway how do they compare to get that score?

      My xper points are way higher.

    • They've been here a while and answered lots of questions

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