Should the All-Time Xper rank be adjusted to the new Xper point rules?

For example, before every comment was 3 xper, and now it's 1. Getting MH is 5 points, while before it was 10. Not that I care about cracking the all-time rank, nor will I ever be on here enough to do it, I still think it's unfair to those who will.

What do you think?


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  • I think it's fine the way it is.

    They might as well receive some recognition for putting in the time and energy that they have... and in any case I doubt it would matter. Those at the top have lived on this site for years. I'd argue no can catch them except those near enough below them.

    • If that's the case in my opinion they may as well do without the all-time ranking. It isn't like anyone has an equal chance at reaching it. Who's to say new members won't be here for years or more?

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    • Leave things be and give those who have been here longest the benefit of having been here longer... don't screw with my points :)

    • Haha, protecting your own interests. Can't hate on that. :)

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  • What do you mean, adjusted?

    • Say they made 10,000 comments, they received 3 xper per comment, which comes out to 30,000 xper.

      According to the new rules it would only be 10,000 xper. Meaning the people who are ranked all-time have an unfair advantage because their scores are based on the old scoring system.

    • And by adjusted I mean change ALL xper scores accordingly.

    • There's no need for making Xper changes retroactive. That'd mean we could also take more points for rewards because those have now been raised, no one wants that... it'd get very messy.

What Guys Said 2

  • Nah because that'd just be a big mess. I'd just consider it a bonus for being on the site and "grandfathering" the XP.

  • Meh, honestly I don't care. The point system is something that's probably always going to be fluid, and changes to it don't bother me.

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