Who invented GAG? GAGers, let's come up with our craziest imagination of the inventor?

You can speculate or imagine who, what kind of person most likely could ever think of making this site. Also when and how exactly the idea of making this site came to them.

Mine is simple, it would be as follows :
1. The inventor must have gone through a lot of trouble dealing with opposite gender.
2. He/she is socially awkward.
3. If he/she is not socially awkward, then he/she is just sooo awesome to have the idea of making this site, lol
4. And I think it's a "he", most likely bald (don't ask why, bald man just popped up in my head every time someone mention the word "inventor")

Or you can just tell me who the inventor is if you know :)
Feel free to come up with your craziest imagination, as long as it's not offensive :)

I ask this because I think whoever made this site is awesome; I enjoy this site so much lol


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