When you delete all messages with another user, do your previous messages to them disappear from their inbox?

Or can they still go back and see the conversations you've had?

I'm talking about the private messaging system here on GAG.


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  • It will be deleted on your end only, not theirs.
    They will still be able to see the conversation that you deleted.

    If you block someone mid-PM conversation, remember to delete the conversation and THEN block them, otherwise they can continue messaging because it's still open on both ends.

    I hope that makes sense :-)

    • Ok thanks :)

      I think I might have blocked them then deleted the conversation - how do I correct that?

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    • Thanks for MH!

    • You're welcome :)

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  • it all gets deleted, the entire conversation you had with them until you create another conversation. i think they can go back but im not sure, never asked people who i deleted conversations with.

    • Ok thanks.
      Also, when you block a person, does it stop them from being able to message you again?

    • yes it blocks them from doing anything with you. they can't vote on your posts or comments on them or even PM you.

    • Ok cool :)

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