If you could add one extra category to the "Personality" section, what would it be?

Like the question title says: What category would you add to the "Personality" section on the GAG profiles?

I think I'd add something like Quiet/Shy, or Bookworm. Or Daydreamer, except I don't know how many girls would fit in with that... But nothing quite fits me here!


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  • I think guys already have the "bookworm" one.
    I like the "daydreamer" it sounds pretty good.

    As for what I'd add if I could, like right now we
    can choose either introverted loner, or social beast..
    where're the in-betweens? :3

    Currently I find it difficult to find myself in
    the categories provided, so.. I'd add "Unique" ^.^

    • Aw, what? Girls don't have Bookworm. Not fair, haha. And that's a good point about not having a social in-between! But what would they call that? Moderately Social?

      Unique would be a good catch for whoever doesn't fit, for sure.

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  • Bookworm (guys) = Intellectual (girls)

    I love Daydreamer, that's a great one!

    I think "Child at Heart" would be a cool addition :-)

    • Oh! Oh! Child at Heart? that's a great one, Make it happen
      I really want that one. ^.^

    • I feel like Bookworm and Intellectual aren't the same, though. I don't want people thinking I'm really into philosophy or debating or something, when that's not what I'm into, you know? Maybe I'm just reading into it too much. :P

      And thanks. Child at Heart would be a fantastic one! :)

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