Important and logical questions?

I have noticed that, there are some logical and important questions have been raised but none dare to answer because the question owner is under 18 ... SO , what about adapting those questions and rephrase them and put them into action?
I need moderator and/or admin help.


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  • If an Under 18 member is asking "how to" sexual questions, asking for sex tips, or anything overly explicit, we ask that you guys report those questions as Adult Content.
    No one should be giving Under 18 members sex tips. (ex: How to give a great blowjob?)

    We ask that you not post questions for others, we prefer people ask their own questions and keep the age accurate as it can make a difference in the kind of advice given.

    GirlsAskGuys FAQ


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  • I don't see any one what you're talking about here.

    • they are sexual questions. none dare to answer them because the question owner is under 18. if you did not see them that does not mean they never exist. now: suppose there is a question like that can I rephrase the question and ask it on my own?

    • People don't mind answering sexual questions for under 18s, it's the type of sexual question that matters.

  • I don't see that at all on this site. Unless they are sexual questions.

    • of course they are sexual questions. that is why none dare to answer them because the question owner is under 18

    • There are certain legal ramifications with minors and adults having sexual conversations. I'm not risking any potential issues just to answer some random kid's question.

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