Has anyone noticed question askers talking in third person when the question is obviously about them? How have you reacted to this so far?

It's like the same user I think lol


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  • It's mostly younger less experienced people that fear being judged. As we age we lose that fear of being judged and just take things on the chin to get answers (Or simply go anonymous lol). School culture creates a stigma attached to openly seeking help and directing it at yourself so the trend continues into early adulthood.

    I don't mind it, I just smile when the same people transition from third to first person. It's like a flower bud opening up :)

    • Well this user is 18 to 25

    • *18 to 24* and she is posting anonymous while talking in person at the same time

    • Could be an 18 year old. It doesn't really matter too much about the age, everyone develops at different speeds and some never change. I don't see it as a problem.

      The only problem I have with some questions are when there's a huge block of text with no structure, grammar or paragraphs. If I'm tired my mind says 'No! Next!' and I don't read it lol.

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  • They are cute. Especially when they slip case in the middle of it.

  • When I ask a question on here, I never do it anonymous. Because I am not scared of what I am asking or saying. (Not implying you)

  • Meh. Either way they want an answer. So answer then move on.

  • That's nothing. it's the guy with multiple accounts who talks to himself over the accounts, posting replies to his own comments. He is the one that is properly mental. Especially because he's so violent in his posts.

    Admin do nothing about banning this guy.

    • That's crazy

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    • He is too freee

    • It's possible it's been investigated, but just in case it hasn't, can you please report them so that we can look into it again?
      We're sorry, we're not sure who you're referring to and would like to take care of it.
      Thank you so much!

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  • It's easier to ask personal things and in greater most accurate detail, when one does not feel directly involved. Talking in third person helps create distance.

    It could be to hide but as you say it's just Assumed to be about them anyways... I think in a lot if cases it just makes it easier psychologically.
    Especially when it's something one personally feel weird about- independent if what one might think other people will/ might think.