Would you be more inclined to donate your Xper points on GaG for a dollar-amount that would go to different charities?

I was checking to see what I could redeem my Xper points on and found very little. Not that I blaming GaG since this site is free, and what they do have is just fine - except for charity donation. I'm very surprised that more options are not available to donate your points which is equivalent to cash to anything other than Raven.

While I think Raven sounds wonderful and the cause helps so many people who need it, I think there are a lot of people who would be more inclined to donate their points to other charities they feel strongly about such as...

Covenant House. There are tons of young people on GaG, and I'm sure many would find solace knowing that GaG supports this charity.

SPCA and PeTA. So many people love animals. And even if some people don't agree with some celebrity sensationalism - the cause is still there for those to help animals in their region.

AIDS. Cancer. MS Society. Diabetes. Many are regional, yes, but some charities to help research these diseases are open to world-wide funding.

Would you give up your Xper if you saw the charity you supported and had more options in addition to Raven?

  • I am aware of what Raven is, and I would gladly support them with my Xper points.
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  • I'm not sure what Raven is, and I would like to see more charities and would consider donating if I saw another charity I knew more about.
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  • I may or may not know what Raven is, but I am not convinced that my points turn in to cash for any charity.
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  • No, I'm not giving to this charity or any other as I'm just here for the gift cards.
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  • It's too hard to get points. I don't ever get enough Xper points to even think about any of this.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I love that idea, seeing as I have other charities I'm serious about

    • Which ones? I think GaG should know this if they see this topic. :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • I'll stick with my gift cards.

    • I have a feeling most people do, or give up most to use as a Featured Question.

  • I'm here to view people mind set and how different people think. I actually find it fun. So whatever charity there is can have my points. I could care less.

    • That's the main reason why I'm here too and don't even know if I'd spend the points on anything because I don't need a Netflix or Amazon card. I wouldn't wear a GaG shirt (sorry, GaG admin) but charities seem like a great idea. I also think if a lesser amount of points were used for charities then people might feel they can afford to give them away, even if a lesser dollar amount was to go to the charity. It's better than nothing.

What Girls Said 2

  • I hate donating money to charities! I would rather prefer to volunteer to do something for the organisation!

    The last time I donated to one of them, after few months it has been revealed that organizers had been taking some of the money for themselves. Not that I don't trust GaG but I just don't trust those charities anymore.

    I am not here for xper points but to be entertained by some and to help the others who really need!

    • I agree, and I do enjoy giving my time to the charity that I support which is homelessness awareness and substance abuse awareness. I have given my time to volunteer in kitchens for those needing a hot meal, however these types of charities need supplies. Most people donate all the wrong things or inappropriate things. Donating money goes to a budget that only the volunteers in charge of funding know how to spend money on, and usually can get a way better break on items because they represent the charity. Giving time and effort on your own is admirable, but I've seen first hand that it's almost always better to give the money so it's spent correctly. I know some charities need to employee people to do work for the charity on a full time basis. This is usually from grants, and people are quick to think the money donated goes to their paycheque. It's always wise to research it out a bit more before assuming this is the case.

    • I would find out where they get a grant from and tell them about what you've found out so that they can be informed of it.

  • Keep the feedback coming!
    We love the idea of connecting with more charities :-)