Why does it say "too soon to select most helpful?" and then you get spam messages to select MH with all of them dumped at once?

i have a suggestion for GAG to let us select MH the next day rather than waiting 2 days cause no one goes back to old questions to pick the best answer, i rather get my responses and get it over with it, i hate when i get those spam messages to select MH with all of them dumped at once why can't we select MH then and there instead of getting the too soon message?


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  • We want people to get as many responses as possible before selecting a Most Helpful Opinion as you can't change it once it's selected.
    We send one reminder message 7 days after the question was posted, letting you know the MHO hasn't been selected yet.
    If it's not chosen within 30 days, the system will choose one for you based on certain criteria.

    GirlsAskGuys FAQ

  • I always get scared that I've done something wrong when GaG messages me. Its a relief when I find out its just for MHO.


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