There is a new feature, and I'm trying to test it, or figure out how it works?

So there's a new dropdown menu item called "MENTIONS" and I have none so far, but I figured maybe I can mention someone if I say @Aizou maybe?

Does anyone know how this works?

p. s.: at first I thought the buttons at the bottom of the new mobile layout were kinda dumb, but then I realized they're awesome and exactly what I wanted. Kudos to that, the move to top button is genius.

I now wonder if I can mention myself with @Mesonfielde hmm
Yup! It TOTALLY WORKS this is awesome, thanks @GirlsAskGuys ! :D


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  • haha yes, this is a great feature! It also solves the issue of commenting on someone's answer and not being notified when they reply. Now, as long as they say "@username" in the comment, the other person will be notified. That's the main reason I really like it :)

    • Exactly what I wrote on @Victoria14 's post too below :P This is truly awesome!
      ... now I seriously need to remember the names, though. Ahhh this is going to be rough, some aspects of my memory are terrible.

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    • hahaha I was like "wow, my answer has a lot of comments!" Lol Yeah, you still get mentioned if it isn't highlighted.

    • ohhhh well that makes sense, thanks for letting me know! :)
      im gonna annoy SO many people lol

  • Yes it works someone mentioned me and it worked I got the notification in the Mention box under opinions. I guess this is why GAG wouldn't let me log in earlier - they were updating the site for this

  • Are you having fun?

  • Yes i only realised it this morning
    @Pingju @keyspirits

    • I also want to have some fun. Wo zhao kan you shen me dong xi ke yi tag ni. Haha ;)

  • hey @Mesonfielde ! How r u :D OMG this is so FUN :D

  • @Jesus

    *waits expectantly*

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  • who mentioned me?

    • It was me on SandPlanet's opinion below, because we were having a discussion, and I was curious if it works with your special letters too, but it did. Yay! And I didn't know that you can't post on that one, heh. Please don't be angry.

    • I am not angry. thank you for explanation.

  • Lol this is so funny. How you were testing out the new feature.
    But I didn't know about this feature, and now I will test it out with myself as well. Hope you don't mind. :3

    • you might need to have a space or text after it @BuchitaBuchys like this or something

    • No space needed. It worked when I did it and again when you did.
      Coolio! lol And it's so funny how you were testing it and then the first comment said "are you having fun?" haha this is a neat feature, so I don't blame you. :p

    • Yeah if you have a newline before it then it won't be so pretty and selected but you will still get a mention. This next thing is a beta test.
      alert ('hello world!');

  • haha i posted a question about it too

    the new features neat huh!

    • Haha apparently I'm slow, I just noticed it's here and went at it intuitively and it's exactly as intuitive as I thought, whoops :D anyways this time I'm truly thankful to GAG for their update, this was actually a really smart idea :D no more need to post on the other person's opinion for them to get a notification and silly shenanigans like that, heheh.

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  • Happy you guys are liking it.


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