Why are there buttons for sharing in two places at the same time to do the same thing?

From a design standpoint, I don't understand why there are two places on which you can share things. It looks kinda quirky and not really great at all.

The problem behind the concept of sharing things is that most people wouldn't want to share their intimate problems they post as anonymous on their social media, so I'm kinda confused about some aspects of sharing in general. Of course there are other questions, but still.


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  • I see you share @lumos 's irritation about this. I can't blame either of you. While personally I hadn't noticed it yet, it does indeed make zero sense. There are quite a few things about the site's design that make zero sense, like the stacked answers instead of side-by-side answers.

    • I miss the side-by-side answers. :( That was honestly one of the changes I was happy about when they completely redesigned the entire site.

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    • I like the phone layout, but the desktop layout really needs work. And even on the phone they shouldn't have share buttons under the question, only at the bottom.

      What bugs me about this is the duplication. It just looks stupid.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Why? Because the developers on this site constantly tinker with the interface with what seems to be zero forethought or user testing.

    • Their @dandeus mentions were a good addition, but the double sharing is really silly. They even have arrows pointing to it, haha. I like the phone layout though. They messed up the PC when they made it linear.

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