Which GaGer(s) can you always rely on for good, solid advice?

The question is pretty self explanatory.

For me, there are a few, but the one that instantly sticks out to me is the lovely TadCurious. :)

I love him so much. Every time he answers one of my questions, or even if we are just chatting over personal messages, he always has encouraging words for me that brighten my day.

I can feel the genuine concern and wisdom through his words, and I truly value his opinion and the time he took in writing it.

There are some people on here who don't care about other people's problems, they just want their own questions answered or an Amazon gift card.

He truly does care about the well being of others and that is reinforced into my mind every time I see one of his comments on a post.

Please share some of the people that have really helped you on here and you can count on to give you bullshit free advice. I would love to hear.


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