Don't you wish GaG had a feature to stop notifications on a question?

Like Facebook, I wish I could "unfollow" a question so I didn't have to keep seeing a little orange dot by my Opinions. I made the stupid mistake of engaging in some idiotic conversation with a troll on a religious question and just hate that every few seconds my response is triggering comments from some fool.

Is there a way, or do you think GaG should create a way that we can just unfollow what we are tired of and don't want to come back to. Otherwise, it feels like badgering when as far as I'm concerned, my involvement in the discussion is over.


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  • Yes it would be nice if we could unfollow or something after engaging in idiocy that tends to waste my time. Arguing with an obtuse brick wall is boring.


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  • lol i just ignore them tbh... ill b like, oh its this idiot again...
    probably read through what he/she had to say then just laugh. its usually quite amusing. they'll stop eventually girl, just shrug them off. =]

  • yes i am hoping for that

    • Meanwhile, can I undo or delete my comment to quit the nonsense?

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    • Ughhh... I don't mind the comments staying put, I just don't want to be reminded of them anymore. In order to get the orange notifications to go away you gotta click them, then click to get to the topic. So annoying, when I'm so done with something.

    • yes i had to keep doing that till the commentor stop commenting coz i didn't want to response anymore
      bear with it for awhile, they may improve this system