Is it possible that we also get informed when a vote is casted to our poll?

Usually we only get informed when someone replies to our question. But I think a casted vote or several votes are just as important as a reply.



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  • This is not an option we offer now, simply because most people don't want 150 notifications when there's nothing to read or respond to.
    But we appreciate the feedback and I'll pass it along :-)

    • Maybe a notification which poll just received a casted vote. Do you know what I mean? I. e. I've created poll A and poll B. Poll A received 150 new votes. Poll B only 1 new vote. You'd see only 2 notification which is, that new votes has been casted for poll A and poll B. Maybe if you click on a poll you'd see how many votes were casted.

      So, if you'd create two polls, you'd receive to these polls two notification maximum. Hope I could put my points across. It's been late here. lol

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    • Thanks for MH!

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  • That would suck honestly being informed that you have a vote.

  • I think there should be an option for that

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