So what's new with gag?

I went MIA for almost two weeks and I've seen some changes at least to the site on my phone? You can tag people now? That's sick anything else new that I should know about?


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  • We now have a mentions feature. You can tag people by saying "@username" in your post and that person will be notified. We are also able to use hashtags in our posts now. Those are the only two big changes :)

    • And they're pretty cool!

    • That's awesome I'm excited to come back to that. I assume you can also look up the hashtags now too? Kinda like searching questions?

    • Yes. When you click on a hashtag, it takes you to the search feature. I am assuming to find other posts with that particular hashtag.

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  • "So what's new with gag?"

    I've been MIA for several months, so my guess is as good as yours. But yes they have a tagging feature now, and i think they also have hashtags which link to similar content

  • Well tagging is simple, I just mention @samanthamayxo here and you'll get noticed :-)
    Sorry to bother you haha.
    The thing with the hash mark I won't be using I think. Apparently it's a link to question about that subject.

    • It's definitely some cool features tagging is cool too but implementing it here will be interesting. I like the improvements though :)

  • 13 out of 10 questions are about sex.


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  • really, that's coincidental... nearly everyday for the last 2 weeks we all got a free slice of pie... a different flavor everyday... it was great... though slightly mushy
    ... well, for most... i got raspberry every time which, as you could probably imagine got boring really quickly... plus it's not exactly the best computer food.. my mouse is a little sticky now :(

    welcome back though :)

    • Ughhhhh I missed the free pie!!! :(
      Thanks :)

    • we actually did want to save you a slice... we actually had a Poll about it and 45 out of 50 said "Set some pie aside for Samantha"
      ... that was a little over a week ago though and the more it was discussed, the more we realized it would go bad. it was a chocolate cream filling, btw... at the peak of the discussion, one of the mods starting chowing down on it. --an embarrassing moment for humanity, lol :)

    • Well glad to know it was going to be saved for me sad I didn't make it back in time :'( next time fingers crossed can't believe I missed the chocolate pie ugh!

  • Must say, I've seen plenty of use of the mentions feature but very little of the hashtag being used.

    • Yeah I think the tag feature is harder to use well most people don't tag. If I do it's just being a joke most of the Time or Instagram it's a good feature but I doubt many will actually use it.

  • @Mentions and #Hashtags are the most notable changes.
    We've also updated our question pages for the mobile version, it's a lot more user friendly now!

    Welcome back :-)