The ghost of a dead account named "asker" is haunting me in comments, what can I do?

So, the whole new "mentioning" feature is really great. Thanks, G@G!

But there's a tiny issue that I have just noticed...

I still like to be able to adress the Asker of a question in comments, so there is no confuson who I'm talking to if there are different users commenting under that opinion. The problem is just, when I do so, it links to ("mentions") some no longer existing female account named "asker". Let me demonstrate:


See. That's kind of stupid, if I just want to adress to the particular Asker of a particular question.

Can we please get rid of this glitch? Thanks!

Also, maybe it'd be a good idea re-programm the mentioning feature so that deactivated accounts generally can't be mentioned...


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  • I think that happened to me too once lol.
    Yeah, the @asker account is definitely abandoned now so I'd say gag adds a number to her account or something so it can be @asker1

    That way we can tag @asker without problems :p


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  • If we modify that account, the username will become available and it'd be possible to run into this issue again, only this time with an active account.
    The reason we allow @mentions for deactivated accounts is so that even old users can be credited with giving good advice, pointing current users to more great content to read and learn from.

    There are ways to avoid this.
    You can address the asker without the @ symbol, "Asker".
    You can add a space between the @ symbol and asker, "@ Asker".

    Tip for everyone: To avoid giving GAGers multiple notifications for the same post, remember to not @mention that GAGer in their own post (question or opinion). Putting that space between the @ symbol and the username is the easiest way to avoid over mentioning when unnecessary.

    • yeah this happened to me recently, but i think ill just use a space now

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    • Just blacklist the name,

    • @WIWWM:
      Good idea.

  • Lmao I didn't notice that it's an actual account.

  • Haha, I'm surprised that name was even allowed to begin with! Thought it wouldn't be able to pass through name filters.

  • what is the whole new "mentioning" feature what does it do?

    • If you add a "@" in front of someone's username, it links to their profile and the user will get a notification. That way you can finally get notifications when someone replied to you in a comment under someone else's opinion (provided the one who responded does use the mentioning feature and provided they spelled the username correctly).

      I'll demonstrate it for you:


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    • @SandPlanet it is quite useful tbf :)

  • Oh yeah I've done that.


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  • I guess we need to tell GAG about it. Though I've never experienced that

    • You can just try it out and see for yourself. And well, I suppose sooner or later some admin will see this and hopefully do something about it.

    • Oh so any of us can do @Asker?