Why GAG do not Delete the comments of those accusing others to Racism without any knowledge of them or any logical reason?

I ask it again with no anonymous allowed to troll and swear.
So I hope GAG do to delete this as I want some Answers.

why GAG do delete the comments that are Racist but does not delete the comments that in them people accuse other people to racism without knowing them or having any logical reasons for their claim? Calling someone Racist is as offensive as a racist comment , joke, insult. Why doesn't GAG consider them offensive and delete them or make these sort of comments reportable as offensive?

To accuse someone to Racism you should have Solid knowledge and reasons as it is a highly negative term and a very strong accusation. why this term have became a plaything for any children to call others with it?


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  • Because they can. They are not consistent in any way. They delete whatever they want and leave the rest alone. If you or I don't like it, they don't care.

    • but that is an insult that became a plaything for everyone here. to call anyone who does not share the same opinion with them in anything.
      If I allowed anonymous users, half of the GAG would be here trolling by now.

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    • and here we are talking about it. like it will change the BS in the minds of people.

      and I hope not. I do not think at least as long as it has only two opinions. as if the troll's opinions coming and saying nonsenses matters.

    • one down vote for you. people can't comment on this because they are not allowed to hide themselves and they are not reasonable enough to talk with reason. they find ease to keep their ignorance.

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  • GAG judges the content of the questions and posts, not the person posting them. They didn't throw you off the site. They just deleted racist CONTENT.

    • false. if you mean the content about that specific Question everyone consider me Racist for it, it wasn't the content that was found Racist, it was up for more than 17 hours with much answers to be deleted sooner if the content was found racist.
      the reason for deleting that question as mentioned by GAG themselves was it creating a negative impact as it was being the field of fight of a few people between all those who answered it with me, and the reason was the accusation instead of answering the question like the other ones. So yes, it was deleted because it was becoming an issue in the site as the site is for mere positive opinions not for antagonistic acts and fights. So first, there was no racist content from the first place.

      second. the content of the posts containing accusation to Racism is no different than a direct insult as racism is an extremely offensive and negative term, and should be able to be deleted as the racist content is deleted.

    • tell it very loudly that you only 'wish' to consider me Racist. and justify yourself as to insult me. no need to have shame to say it.

    • @wölfin, I didn't delete.
      Right now you're accusing me in public without ANY proof. https://i60.tinypic.com/11uuxrt.jpg

  • Stimmt!

    Given the age profile here, it's not surprising this happens. USA teenagers all think they aren't racist, even though most of them ARE.

    . And in the PC world, it's always a quick accusation to use against anyone you disagree with.. used also by many adults who SHOULD know better.

    That's where the kids learned that behavior, guess what!

  • you are racist

    • How did u post anonymous on this question?

    • because i am hacker

    • Or may be ur just an admin or a user with more privilege on this site ! Anonymous hacker lol

  • I remember you, you're the one who posted the pictures of black people next to gorillas and chimps supposedly to show how similar they are, and some 18th century "science" about skull shapes.

    @"Calling someone Racist is as offensive as a racist comment"

    This comment betrays such a deep moral confusion I'm not even sure where to begin.

    • @"Calling someone Racist is as offensive as a racist comment"

      Tip: One of those things is not like the other. There is actually some complex 'valid logic' as to why this is the case. PS, I am an ex-racist, so I know where you are coming from and why you believe the things you do, I used to spout the same views, but I eventually came to realize just why and how it's ultimately wrong.

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    • "because you are too much of a coward to state your views clearly and openly now"

      evidence of me being coward? accusing me of what? assuming that I am a racist then say that I am a coward for saying I am not with saying the actual description of the question?

      that accusation and assumption and conclusions doesn't show your cleverness. but shows your judgmental illogical behaviour.

    • @"you did not understand the question"

      I FULLY understand the question, and the entire point of my line of questioning (that you ignored) IS to answer exactly your original question. It's a long and involved argument - you need to just follow the reasoning - I was trying to formulate an argument, and this line of questioning is the first step - just because you cannot see that there is a link between my line of questioning, and an answer to your question, does not mean that there is not a link. My entire point was to answer this question.

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  • Because political correctness...