Do you get irritated when people don't select a MHO?

I'm new to this site so maybe this is just me, but I get mildly irritated when I see questions that have been up for a while where people don't select a MHO. Not pissed off just a little irritated. Isn't that part of the point of this, well besides helping your fellow humans of course. I honestly don't even care if they pick me, just pick someone. If people take the time to answer your question, I think you can take the time to select a mho. Am I alone on this?


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  • I'm pretty sure people asking questions like this is exactly why they've changed it so that the system will choose an MHO on a question if one hasn't been picked after 30 days. Question askers will get a message after about a week reminding them to choose MHOs on their questions if they haven't done so by then.

    When the QA picks an MHO, both they and the person who answered will receive Xper points.
    When the system chooses the MHO, neither person receives points.
    So there are a couple of incentives for QAs to choose... you earn Xper, as well as show the answerer that you appreciated or enjoyed what they had to say.

    You'll know if your Opinion was chosen automatically by the system, if you see "Most Helpful (Auto)" when you're viewing your Opinions.


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  • I don't care. I am not answering questions just to try and get the "Most Helpful" thing. I am here just to help or share my opinion.

  • I couldn't care less, im not here for the MHO's.

  • I pick one eventually, and even if I didn't, the system would auto pick one.

    • Oh I didn't know the system picks on.

    • It takes like a month, but it does. Also, auto selection doesn't give you a reward. I am not entirely sure what its function is.