What type of answers do you get on your questions that irritate you the most or answers you have seen on someone else's question that irritate you?

Mine are people that:

are people that are mean and nasty especially when the person has done nothing to them.

People that are sarcastic.

People that are racist, generalise, sexist, rude, do not show respect etc.

What are yours?


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  • cheap jokes (they think it's funny, when in fact it's offensive and tasteless)

    people who don't really answer the question (instead ask an unrelated question, or say that I'm dumb or something). IDIOTS!

    people who can't speak proper english. This is an English speaking site. what the fuck are you doing here if you can't communicate in english? It gives me a headache and I can't understand what they say anyway.

    people who generalise

    people who think their opinions are the one and only correct one when in fact they're being incredibly ignorant and judgmental

    people who judge me for being close-minded because of my aversion to promiscuity. I'm not close minded at all, I just have morals when it comes to that topic. They don't know anything about me but can tell me what my mind is like? lol yeah right.

    people who creep at other people instead of just answering the goddamn fucking question!


    • I don't like cheap jokes either. I hate it when people generalise to. All men/women are... All people form this country are... etc etc ugg...

    • ignorance is a deadly disease.

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  • All of the argumentive and rude people are so irritating. I don't see why they even bother asking a question or commenting or answering if they're just going to turn it into a pointless argument. Some people will argue over the most idiotic things just to be hurtful.

    • Yeah I agree with you 100 per cent on everything you have to say here. :)

    • Thanks. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in thinking this. :)

    • Trust me you are not alone people that do the sort of stuff you are talking about are extremely annoying lol

  • the rate me questions when they asked people to rate pictures and then when the truth is out they are unhappy. if you want a feedback then be prepared for the hard truth. i do applaud people who dare to ask others to rate them because basically they put themselves out there for some hard truth.
    it can also be any questions that asker expect us to accept their way of thinking like beauty standard, everybody is different as beauty is in the eyes of beholder, just because they feel the person is on high scale does it mean everybody has to agree?

    • and also the QA is rude by bringing in others parents into the picture

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    • some pple gave high rating to please the QA or make them feel better it is the ones who gave low ratings that got into bad books :P

    • Yeah and anyway looks for me well they will attract me to a girl to start with. Looks is what attracts everyone at the very start but when I get to now that girl if I find she has a poor personality and treats me bad I feel in my mind "Goodbye".

  • When they are mean. When they dont really answer the question. (like dont read details or answer about something different)

    • Yeah I hate it when people are mean. I was a little grumpy with an answer I just put just now though but the guy said he did something that is extremely offensive to someones religious beliefs.

    • Yeah well people just shouldn't be mean, so you also dont have to reply mean things =)

    • Yeah I don't think I was too mean to that guy tho. What he said he did was extremely disrespectful :)

  • people that evaluate your whole life and basically say you are messing up your future just for having sex and all that, or insult you. pmo.

    • Yeah I can understand that. One that really annoys me is if you ask a question about dating and people say you need to patient. I think how on earth do you know how patient I have been. LOL

    • hahaha yes!! like come on people i didn't come here to be patient i want action, and fast!

    • Yeah, I personally feel some of these people in relationships have no idea what it really is like for the people that really struggle.

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