Best advice/most useful thing you've learned from G@G?

There are so many of the same questions on G@G, but maybe every input has a shared similarity. From everything you've read on here, what's the thing that has stuck the most to you?

For me:
- Guys think more or less the same way on all topics, but girls are more differently opinionated among their gender


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  • Being on here has definitely added to the empathy I feel for people who have problems, to be honest, and I'm really grateful for that.

    I'm already an incredibly open-minded, non-judgmental person to begin with, but I really feel that GaG has helped to become even more so that way, and I appreciate it a great deal. I think that anytime we can learn from one another, that it should be embraced and used to fuel meaningful growth, and I just really hope I can achieve that with everything I've been exposed to here.

    • Yeah it is very humanly thing, that we all need :) and thank you :)

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    • You are among the precious, DodgersGm. I hereby award you with the virtual Blue Max.

    • Thanks, @BlueMax. I really appreciate that. :-)

      Just give me a little shoutout when you write about Dou. "To DodgersGM, the man who prodded me in just the right way..."

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  • We all have our problems, regardless of our race, religion, sex, nation. We are simple human beings and yet very complicated. We just want to love and be loved.
    I like seeing people from different countries. I really enjoy this cultural diversity and richness.

  • MRA are dou- not exactly the sort of people I'd like to hang out with. Also, every girl is "not like the other girls" and every guy is "a nice guy, as opposed to all the other guys who are total jerks".

    • I pride myself on being a nice jerk, as opposed to all the other guys who are total jerks. ;-D

  • I can ask all the stupid question I want and there are still people who can resist me :p its really helpful

    • Yes people sometimes answer weird questions. I've done it before on some poll where a girl asked if she was a sexy fox. Just couldn't resist I guess

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    • Sure. Post the link

    • Not the Link I'm gonna ask u here XD

  • Not really anything helpful for me, but I like to be a social net butterfly.

    • Not one thing at all?

    • Well I like seeing from guys' perspectives. Its mostly a confirmation process whether it helps at all. Some advice can be encouraging though.

    • Same about the girls' perspective

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  • That big cocks hurt when thrusting against the cervix.

    How much guys can emotionally hurt girls by making them feel used.

    Also very true what u said, girls are very opinionated among their gender as opposed to guys.

    That I look better with my hair styled up.

    The reason why women hate most men because men are horndogs that go for looks and not so much personality.

    I learned the psychology behind why people are more attracted to other people that remain a mystery and do not give themselves to the other all at once.

    Also, in general just by reading so many relationship problems on here I feel like I have a better understanding of a healthy relationship than I did prior to joining.

    • Like a big bunch of legal case studies where you have to be a lawyer haha

  • One thing that I have been surprised about is that some of the best advice I have gotten has been from younger people. At first I'll admit I was a little dismissive when someone who was either under 18 or 198-24 would leave an opinion for obvious reasons, but some of it has turned out to be pretty insightful advice. I haven't really learned anything I didn't know before, but just gotten different points of view of what certain women in my life might be thinking. It has been sort of helpful.

    • Agreed. I'm one of those 18-24 guys haha but yeah I can understand the perspective from the older, more experienced audience

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    • If you are talking about @cipher42 then I see what you mean, I have also seen some pretty good advice from some under 18 people as well.

      I kid you not, the most "jaded" opinions are from the 25-29 group based on what I have seen.

    • No. It was regarding what a girl I'm involved with is thinking. I'm 35 years old. I don't get involved with sexual topics with girls that are under 18. That's weird. I'd feel creepy if I did.

  • I kid you not, the most useful thing I learned was that fingering has minimal effect on most females, and what you need to do is stimulate the clitoris rather than just shove your fingers in because that either doesn't feel anyhow or it just hurts, haha. Female anatomy is so unintuitive, it helps to know more about it.

    • This sounds so much less grandeous compared to the other general concepts that have altered lives, haha. I feel like I am missing out, although my life changing events weren't really influenced by GAG.

    • Yeah those little bits of information are sometimes the most unique and stay with us

  • People who are aware of what they do not know are relatively rare, thus making them all the more precious.

    People who are attractive are often unable to seriously contemplate what it would be like to be unattractive, thus making those who can all the more precious.

    People who are unattractive are often stuck thinking that they are perfectly OK with their looks, so everyone else should be, thus making those who don't think like that all the more precious.

    People who are unattractive are often stuck thinking that they cannot change their appearance (sometimes that's true, often it's not), thus making those who realize they can change their appearance all the more precious.

    People often perceive the grass is always greener with the other gender. Thus those who don't think that way are all the more precious.

    People believe that they can shock and startle people out of their thought patterns by using words like "whining," or "pity party," or "douche bag," or even worse things and often considering themselves "brutally honest" when in fact that's much more likely to make the person defensive and unwilling to listen. Thus advice givers who do not do that are all the more precious.

    People often have emotional investments in things that they believe in when you would think there should be no emotional investment in them.

    That looking for empathy on the internet is like looking for an honest politician. Actually, that's being too harsh on internet users. I've encountered my share of empathetic people. I think being disembodied users tends to dull our sympathies. I have found empathetic people on GAG, but I'm still looking for that honest politician, though...

    That people who are in pain are often less wise than they would be if they were not in pain, thus we would do well to be patient with them.

    That most people want very much to love someone and be loved in return, and have the wounds to prove it.

  • I dontbreally learn much on what i ask. I know the answer but i get confidence from others knowing im not alone.

    • Yeah, sometimes it's more of a reassurance thing to check if you have a common opinion with the majority of people