Profile pics should I use this?

Girls use pics of their breasts (clothed) as profile pics?
Why can't boys use bulges?
Should I do it?
And if not why?
And if yes what should I wear?

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  • Sure, why not? Use whatever image you feel best represents you to users on this site. Just wear your underpants if you feel most comfortable in them and remember to smile for your picture! If it's a crotch shot, we won't see the smile obviously, but it's always good to smile anyway.


  • Hun do whatever makes you happy don't care what people say ❤️

  • i think u r the first guy here who asked about this
    i click dont but if u want please go ahead :D

    • Ill do it
      But what to what and what to show?
      Im under 18so no child p*rn

    • U can take picture of ur own

  • Do whatever you want to.

  • yes, guys, be as slutty as the girls. go ahead. wear anything you want as long as there are no holes in it.

  • If you do you will get a lot of attention from old men... Seriously, you won't get the female attention that you want which is why guys don't typically do it. No one is stopping you from seeing for yourself :D

  • Hahah trololol... OK in all seriousness this is a dumb question XD

    • but how come girls use breasts?
      im pretty sure girls like dicks like we like boobs

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    • I think he is using sarcasm to get a point across. You think it is alright for girls to show tight clothing across big breasts as their profile pic. How does that differ from a guy doing pretty much the same with his bulge?

    • Yes, I am aware he is using sarcasm. (or at least think he is) I never said it was alright. It's because society deemed it (semi) ok for a girl to do because of all those feminists that want woman to be able to do whatever we want but men can't. Since that is really "equal" jeez I thought that was what feminism was... Moving on and has deemed it creepy for a man to do.

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