Why can't we choose more than one topic when asking a question?

Sometimes I feel a question goes under more than one category- especially when it comes to relationships and dating. Or dating and sexual health. Or family/friends and occasions/gifts. Sometimes it's hard to pick one topic


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  • For a while, it was possible to choose up to 3 topics for each question.
    However, people became confused and frustrated when they were seeing questions in topics they'd actually wanted to block. For example, someone who did not want to see anything sexuality related was constantly running into those questions if they'd chosen other topics as well. Blocking topics wouldn't have worked if we allowed more than one.
    Also, they were annoyed by seeing the same questions in several topics when browsing the site, seeing them over and over because they could be found everywhere.

    Now that we only allow one topic per question, you don't have to see the same questions in several topics, and you can actually block topics you're not interested in, never having to see those questions at all.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Choose the best category and explain yourself as best you can.


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