Am in the the only one annoyed by this?

Am I the only one sick and tired of race based questions, like "Why do western women act so perverted?" Or "do any white girls not like only black guys?" It is seriously getting annoying. If a girl or guy doesn't like you solely based on race, he or she isn't even worth talking to.

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  • Before coming to GAG, I didn't realize that so many people were still so hung up on race. It's never made a difference to me or the people in my life, everything's been diverse with no issues, even here in small town Texas. So seeing that there are tons of people who still make it really important surprised me. It doesn't surprise me anymore because I'm used to seeing it.

    • This is a common thing among rate me questions and feminism. Doesn't surprise me anymore either.

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  • I picked D, but only because it made me laugh.

    Ignorance is everywhere, especially online. You can blame upbringing, the media, society, etc... trick is to simply ignore it. And if you can't, then laugh at them.

  • I live in a very liberal immediate family and cross-cutural relationships are not looked down upon. Most of my extended family on the other hand is very conservative and interracial relationships are considered taboo. For the most part I hate being labeled as "white" or "Caucasian" simply because it is a way to segregate ourselves, and people often treat each other based upon these labels.

  • Kind of annoying. There is rarely a correct answer to those questions since everyone is different.

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