Suggestions for GAG?

I have many suggestions for this website to improve well. Here are my suggestions:

1- Calculate the questions views.
2- Vote up and down for questions, and for the questions which get high percentage of down votes according to the views, should be deleted.
3- Make comments on Questions, if you need more details before putting your opinion.
4- Make a voting for comments on questions and opinions.
5- The ability to remove your own questions, comments and opinions.
6- Remove duplicate questions, which goes around the same topic.
7- Push notifications for messages and notifications (You get notifications instantly without refreshing page)

Do you agree with these suggestions? Spread the questions everywhere here and make it featured to be noticeable. and give suggestions in opinions too. Thank you :)


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  • yes nice suggestion


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  • AGREE! This site would be way better...


What Guys Said 2

  • Agreed except create an under 18 section. I don't think 12 year old kids should be allowed on here.